Buddhist Ho Nam Kam College

Address : 3 Ko Chiu Road, Yau Tong, Kowloon.
Tel : 2340 0871
Fax : 2347 3665
Web site : http://www.bhnkc.edu.hk
E-Mail : enquiry@bhnkc.edu.hk
Honorary Supervisor : Ven. Kok Kwong
Supervisor : Mr. Ho Tak Sum
Principal : Mr. Wong Tsz Ching

Our school aims at nurturing students with Buddhist ideology. We focus especially on students' manners and virtues. Nurturing students' good manners and right attitudes are our primary objectives. Our school also provides various technological and commercial subjects to cater for the needs of students of various abilities and backgrounds. We hope that students with different personalities and abilities can be equipped with a positive outlook of life and adequate knowledge and skills to work and contribute to society. We encourage students to act in the spirit of our school motto: 'Discern Wisdom, Show Compassion.' Hereby, we hope to nurture well-behaved students at school and law-abiding, contributing members of society.

The teaching medium is Chinese. In the junior forms we offer 14 subjects while in the senior forms we have four core subjects, nine electives and OLE (Other Learning Experience). They include Physics, Biology/Chemistry (combined), Information and Communication Technology, Design and Applied Technology, Economics, Business, Accounting and Financial Studies, Visual Arts, Ethics and Religious Studies and Applied Learning. In addition, we have Physical Education and Buddhism and Life.

School & Students Outstanding Performances

  1.  We were the champions in the 'Robot Cup Junior 2009 HK Open' and represented HK in a world competition held in Austria
  2. One of our students won the first place in the 'Reach for the Stars, 2009 Space Settlement Design Contest' sponsored by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), USA. This has been the best result ever achieved by the Chinese since the contest was founded 16 years ago
  3. Besides Robot Design and Visual Arts competitions, we also have good results in dancing, lion dancing, computer and IT, sports competitions and the Speech Festival
  4. Academically, we have 12 subjects achieving good results in the HKCEE. In the past two years, we achieved higher passing rates than the average schools in certain subjects, e.g. Biology, VA, Chemistry and Technology Studies. The number of our F.7 students being admitted to different courses and faculties at universities also reached a record high. Regarding manners and virtues, our students observe the rules and are eager to learn. They are mindful of self-discipline as well as mutual-respect. A student topped other students in the Kwun Tong district and won an 'Excellent Student Award' in the first 'Excellent Students' Competition (Kowloon District)

20th anniversary banquet.

Newly established Multi-learning centre

Awarded prizes in Robot Competition


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