Buddhist Wong Fung Ling College

Address : 11 Eastern Hospital Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel : 2577 9485
Fax : 2881 0148
Web site : http://www.bwflc.edu.hk
E-Mail : bwc-mail@bwflc.edu.hk
Honorary Supervisor : Ven. Kok Kwong
Supervisor : Ven. Yin Chi
Principal : Mr. Lee Wai Shing

Our college was founded in 1956 (Buddhist Calendar year 2500), thankfully indebted to devotee Madam Wong Fung Ling who donated part of the construction cost, and Sir Man Kam Lo who rendered enthusiastic support to result in government land grant, subvention and approval for the establishment of a subsidized school. The school project took a total of three years to complete, thanks to the concerted effort of devotees Mr. Chan Ching To, Mr. Wong Wan Tin, Mr. Fung King Hsia and Mr. Lam Lim Chun. The college was officially opened in September, 1959.

Being founded and sponsored by Buddhist Association, our college is run on the teachings of Buddha and upholds the principles of °•realising ultimate truth, manifesting innate compassion°¶ as the school motto. The school strives for the provision of quality education and the nurture of life-long learning as well as whole-person development among students.

Discipline before teaching and sternness based on love.

Students Outstanding Performances
The students excel in territory-wide Youth Excellence Competition and are awarded the Gold Lion Cup for being champions of both Senior secondary and Junior categories of Classics Poems Speech contests.

New Senior Secondary Curriculum

  1.  Apart from doing the 4 core subjects, namely Chinese language, English language, Mathematics and Liberal Studies, students have to choose two of the following subjects as their electives: Chinese History, Economics, Geography, History, Ethics and Religious Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Combined Science (Biology and Chemistry), Business, Accounting and Financial Studies, Information and Communication Technology, and finally Visuals Arts. Among all these electives, English is adopted as the medium of instruction for Economics, Physics and Combined Science.

  2. For Other Learning Experience (OLE), school hours for due purpose has been set aside to facilitate whole person development of students. Every week, formal lesson times is set aside for Buddhist Studies, Aesthetic and Physical Development for all S4 students, who would be equipped with skills and reflective capacity to compile a presentable individual Student Learning Portfolio upon graduation from secondary school in another 3 years.

Extra-curricular Activities
The school has 50 clubs and school teams that cover academic studies, interest, services and conservation, athletics and visual arts as well.

Gardening Club

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